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Call for Testimony

We want to hear how the CPSIA has affected your life and your business. Your testimony will serve as an important contribution to the growing body of evidence that shows why this law doesn’t work.
Guidelines for writing your testimony

Please send your testimony to and we will publish it to this website.

1- Introduce yourself and your company – explain what you do, how long you have been in business and any other significant facts. Be certain to mention your safety record if it’s something that you usually promote. 

2- Explain how the law has affected your business. What has been or will be the impact? Economic repercussions, stats will make the most impact.

3- If appropriate, focus on the section of CPSIA that is causing you the most problems (lead, retroactivity, tracking labels, etc.)

4- Call for Congress to delay implementation of the law for a year, hold oversight hearings, and fix the flaws in the law.