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Rally Event Speakers List

March 28, 2009 by Dawn  
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Amend the CPSIA Speakers List
Name Title Organization Sector State
Nathan Fleisig Compliance Manager American Apparel and Footware Association Apparel NY
Richard G. Riley Owner Fredericktown Yamaha ATVs


Robert Burns Board Member DreamBikes Bicycles WI
Carol Baicker-McKee Author Author Books MD
Melanie Tommey Owner Mel’s Country Crafts Crafts OK
Rick Woldenberg President Alliance for Children’s Product Safety Educational Products IL
Steven Kanor President & CEO Toys for Special Children, Inc. Enabling NY
Cecilia Leibovitz President Craftsbury Kids/Handmade Toy Alliance
Handmade Toys VT
Rob Wilson Vice President Challenge & Fun, Inc./ Handmade Toy Alliance Handmade Toys MA
Jill Chukas Owner Crafty Baby/Handmade Toy Alliance Handmade Toys CT
Scott Krueger Owner Westwood Design Juvenile Furniture NJ
John Engler President National Association of Manufactureres Manufacturing DC
Youth Rider American Motorcycle Motorcycles PA
Barbara Beck Gradient Scientist
Rick Reiss Principal Scientist Exponent Scientist
Eileen Moyer Director of Regulatory Regulations Reckitt Benckiser Spec. Products NJ
Susan Baustian Director Once Upon a Child/Winmark Corp. Thrift Stores MN
Carter Keithley President Toy Industry Association Toys NY
TBD National Bulk Vending Vending

Members of Congress
The Hon. Jim DeMint
The Hon. Joe Barton
The Hon. Marsha Blackburn
The Hon. Phil Gingrey
The Hon. George Radonovich
The Hon. Cliff Stearns
The Hon. Ed Whitfield
Rep. Michael Burgess (R-TX)
Rep. Adam Putnam (R-FL)
Sen. Bob Bennett (R-UT)


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