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Printing Industries Urges the CPSC to Exempt Children’s Book and Printed Materials

March 24, 2009 by Dana  
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In this Special Edition of Imprint, the Printing Industries Urges the CPSC to Exempt Children’s Books and Printed Materials:

“Printers have been caught up in government red tape that was never intended to regulate printed material. New regulations meant to keep children’s toys safe from dangerous chemicals will also apply to books and other printed material, resulting in the delay of shipments and enormous testing costs for printers. Although the statutory deadline to comply with the new testing requirements is February 10, 2009, most retailers and other print customers are already requiring certificates verifying test results, prior to the issuance of testing guidance from the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). Printing Industries is working with industry allies the Association of American Publishers, Book Manufacturers Institute, Magazine Publishers Association and others to exempt ordinary books and printed material from the new law.”

More: imPrint: A Weekly Legislative Update from the Printing Industries of America


1,530 Responses to “Printing Industries Urges the CPSC to Exempt Children’s Book and Printed Materials”
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