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Positive meeting with Senator Merkley of Oregon

March 31, 2009 by RallyReporter  
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Jolie forwarded on the following message about the ladies of Oregon:

Stephanie and Sonja just contacted me after meeting in Senator Merkley’s office.  They have had a great meeting and they have a lot of information to share with you all when they return.  It is time to have another meeting soon.

Senator Merkley wants to support the people of Oregon and is interested in exactly what our amendments should be.  Andrew Green, from Merkley’s office, suggested working with some law professors (Lewis and Clark school of law) to write up what would best meet the needs of the people of Oregon.  This can be written as a new bill, or an amendment to an existing one.  Currently there are 8 new bills in circulation.

The ladies have 2 more meetings today, I will keep you all posted.


853 Responses to “Positive meeting with Senator Merkley of Oregon”
  1. Etienne Veber says:

    Is Senator Merkley a Democrat? Sorry I do not live in Oregon (I thought everyone in Oregon was Democrats…).

    If so it would be great. It has become apparent that Heny Waxman’s staff has put out the word that no one is supposed to be seen at our Rally tomorrow if they want to get anything done in the future. How about that for a transparent and non-partisan leadership?

    Everyone should know that some Democrats are tempted to join our dialogue for reform of the CPSIA and at least participate in the democratic process (what a wonderful concept!) but are under tremendous pressure not to do so.

    Our action is a bi-partisan process with no political agenda. We just want to fix the mess created by the CPSIA! It would be great if some Democrats excercise true leadership and do the right thing.

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