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Letter to Duncan: Michael of American Educational Products LLC

March 24, 2009 by Cecilia  
Filed under Letters to Congress

Dear Mr. Duncan,

I have just returned from New Orleans where the 2009 National Science
Teachers Association (NSTA) convention was held.  Unfortunately, when I
came by the Department of Education booth at 10:30 Friday morning, you
had already been pulled away on other matters, so I was unable to share
some concerns with you.

I am the President of a small company serving not only science teachers
and students, but math, early childhood and literacy users.  American
Educational Products ( has been in business since 1986 and
currently has 72 employees in two states.  Our products, like all of the
products you would have seen at NSTA, are seriously threatened by
unintended consequences of CPSIA2008, a law passed in August 2008.  I am
attaching 3 documents that address concerns about implementation and
specifics of this law, a law that will easily reduce the number of
products available to the American student and teacher by at least half.
All three attachments are in response to a letter from the Honorable
Congressman Dingell to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC)
regarding ten questions or concerns that Mr. Dingell had with the
legislation and its implementation.  One of the attachments is the CPSC
response, the other two are responses from companies in the educational
supplies and materials industry (myself and Mr. Rick Woldenberg who has
provided excellent links within his response documenting the problems).

I cannot convey the urgency with which this legislation needs to be
reviewed and modified if the products that our teachers need and more
importantly, our students need are to continue to be available in the
classrooms of this great country.  We need an advocate.  Let me say it
again – we need an advocate.  I believe that Congressman Dingell is
leaning that way, but he and a very few like-minded representatives are
going to need an ear within the administration.  I am asking that you
provide that ear and be our advocate within the administration on this
matter.  I do appreciate any time and effort that you and your staff can
direct to assisting the suppliers in the educational products market in
achieving the desired consequences of this legislation while minimizing
the unintended consequences.

I will in Washington late next Tuesday evening (March 31) to attend an
event that I invite you and / or your staff to attend.  This event will
provide a forum for presenting concerns and thoughts on this matter as
it applies to many industries.  Additional details can be found at The event is scheduled to begin at 10:00AM on
Wednesday April 1 in Room HVC201 A&B at the Capitol Visitor’s Center.
It would be my honor and privilege to meet with you or members of your
staff either at the event itself or at any time after 12:00PM before
6:00PM that day.

In closing, please accept my many thanks for your efforts on behalf of
all students across this country.  I hope to meet you next Wednesday.


Michael Warring
American Educational Products LLC
970.484.7445×232 phone
970.484.1198 fax
970-214-1925 Cell


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